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Pineville Chapel's Missions Program


We support a number of missionaries, both individuals and families in foreign fields and conduct our own local outreach ministries. There are also short-term mission outreach opportunities, most recently to Germany and Romaina and within the U.S.

Current Supported Missionaries or Missions Activities

Local Missions

General visitation, weekly children's programs, summer outreaches, and various nursing home ministries.

North America

Short-term trips are periodically planned to assist those affected by flooding and other natural events to show the love of Jesus Christ in a material way and to evangelize whenever possible. In Mexico we provide evangelistic and other ministry materials to a family ministering in Jahuara.

Foreign Missions

We provide support to a number of missionary families/individuals in various parts of the world such as: Senegal in West Africa, Israel, Romania, the Philippines, Austria and Germany. Our missionaries are all involved in direct evangelism and/or pastoring, in addition to the discipleship of believers.


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